Pillars of the Community by Diosdado "Dodie" Mondero

Mural depicting significant people, places and events.

Art Detail

  • Title: Pillars of the Community
  • Artist: Diosdado "Dodie" Mondero
  • Location: Chicago Ave. and Main St.
  • Medium: Mural
  • Installation Date: 2001
  • Description: Mural depicting significant people, places and events.
  • Plaque Text: The strong, bold images on these three murals were created in American Art Deco style to honor important people, places, and events in Naperville's 20th century history. The west mural portrays Peter Kroehler and his furniture manufacturing company at a time when it was contributing to the war effort, a man delivering ice blocks cut from the DuPage River, Stenger Brewery from where it's rumored Adolph Coors once labored, engineers surveying a limestone quarry, a diver at Centennial Beach, the Burlington Zypher and locomotives, and two noted photographers Eli Stark and Charles Koretke. The center mural includes the Pre-Emption House, where Gertrude and Frank Wehrli raised a family of 13 children. The dramatic horses are pulling a heavy load of wood for the C.B. Moore Lumber Company, while a man is washing his car in the DuPage River near Eagle Street. Artist Lester Schrader is honored for his oil paintings that beautifully preserve the history of Naperville. The Beach Inn and the original Nichols Library are also represented. To honor our military, a Marine and WAVE are shown bringing a doll to head librarian Mary B. "Matie" Egermann who received dolls from serviceman around the world and shared her collection with the children of Naperville. On the East mural, the Edward Sanatorium, a tuberculosis treatment center, and an iron lung for polio patients remind us of medical concerns in the last century. Leading efforts to ensure good medical care were Grace Fredenhagen, who was instrumental in acquiring land and cash for Edward Hospital, and Dr. Donald Carducii, who was among the first doctors to work there. Business legend George Martin, who built the Victorian mansion, and his daughter, Caroline Martin Mitchell, who donated the mansion and her 204-acre estate to Naperville are also honored. Judge Win Knoch, was a key individual in acquiring land for Edward Hospital, obtaining donations from Martin Mitchell estate, and building Centennial Beach.
  • Plaque Courtesy Of: MidAmerica Bank

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