The Great Concerto by Barton Gunderson

Mural honoring the Naperville Municipal Band and its fans.

Art Detail

  • Title: The Great Concerto
  • Artist: Barton Gunderson
  • Location: Central Park Place at Central Park
  • Medium: Mural
  • Installation Date: 2005
  • Description: Mural honoring the Naperville Municipal Band and its fans.
  • Plaque Text: This transformed stage door, painted in the Art Deco style, showcases the various bandstands that have been used by Naperville's lineage of municipal bands since the inception of the Naperville Brass Band in 1859. Central Park has been the home to all four of the structures. From the first gazebo in the 1800s to the open-air stage and tower, the classic Elmer Koerner Memorial Bandshell, and today's Concert Center, one thing has remained constant: the desire to enhance the quality of life through music. This mural illustrates the bandstands' wonderful history through color, technique, and style, incorporating within the boundaries of the door the importance of community and fellowship and the interconnectivity of performers and audience. Even the clouds and greenery seem to pulsate with the rhythm of the musical notes.

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