The Century Walk Corporation


September 2, 1998 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL)

"An economic dynamo" was how the Naperville Chamber of Commerce heard the arts described last week.

Alene Valkanas of the Illinois Arts Alliance told the chamber's monthly luncheon crowd that arts activities and museums attract some 3.1 million visitors to Illinois annually, and that these visitors spend money on local restaurants, hotels and transportation.

She said that Naperville ranks high in arts-related jobs and activities, citing North Central College, the Summer Place theater, the Riverwalk and Century Walk as contributors to that ranking.

Her message was simple: the arts are an important part of the economic engine that drives Illinois, and that state and community leaders need to encourage arts programming and employment.

We agree, and for more than economic reasons.

The arts are culturally enriching and contribute greatly to our overall enjoyment of life in Naperville.

If they contribute economically as well, so much the better.


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