The Century Walk Corporation


September 12, 1997 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL) — Author: Karri E. Christiansen

A mosaic depicting Naperville's rich farming history could be installed this week, depending on the weather.

Kathleen Farrell, who along with Kathleen Scarboro created the glass tile mosaic for the Century Walk, said that the artwork could be installed by the end of the week.

"We're just waiting for the weather to improve," Farrell said.

"The mosaic is completed.

We just need to install it, but the wall is wet."

The mosaic will be installed on the east wall of the Hozhoni Native American art store, at the northwest corner of Main Street and Jefferson Avenue.

It is one of three projects included in the second phase of the Century Walk, which is a series of artworks in the downtown area.

Last year, artists unveiled a mural on the west side of The Naperville Sun building on Jackson Avenue, a relief sculpture on the west side of the Firstar Bank building at Washington Street and Jefferson Avenue, and two mosaic benches on Jackson, near the Riverwalk Plaza building.

Farrell said it took her and Scarboro and a rotating crew of about 15 artisans seven weeks to complete the mosaic.

"We're anxious to get it up," Farrell said.

"We are putting on a painted border listing 22 farms and the subdivisions they've become."

While Farrell and Scarboro wait for their wall to dry and for the weather to improve, artists Hector Duarte and Mariah deForest continue to work on a mural on the east side of the Lantern restaurant building, at Chicago Avenue and Washington Street.

Little by little, more of the mural shows up each week.

It is to depict how transportation has changed and affected Naperville.

The third objet d'art is a sculpture, called Growth and Change, depicting Naperville's work history.

It will be located at the Jefferson Hill Tea Shops on Jefferson Avenue, east of Washington Street.

Holme is using old tools that are part of Naperville's history in the sculpture.

The Century Walk artworks are funded by the City of Naperville and the Illinois Arts Council.


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