The Century Walk Corporation


July 20, 1997 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL) — Author: Cathy Janek

SPECIAL TO THE SUN  The Naperville Century Walk Committee on Wednesday asked the trustees of Naperville Libraries to consider installing a piece of artwork depicting Century Walk's logo on the northeast corner of Nichols Library.

That logo would serve as the "kick-off" point for the Century Walk, the committee members said.

The site in question already contains a brick mural and a sundial.

Before taking any action on the matter, the Naperville Library Trustees contacted the group which donated the sundial for its opinion on the matter.

Donated by the Council of Naperville Area Garden Clubs in 1987, the sundial is in need of significant repairs.

Mary Ann Wright, president of that organization, commented, "The weather has taken a toll on the sundial."

Wright emphasized that the council members "are not against the idea of adding the Century Walk artwork.

However, we should be recognized for what we have done."  Naperville Library Trustee Chet Rybicki agreed.

"Naperville is a better community because of the Garden Clubs."  In addition to donating the sundial, the Garden Club provides Naperville Libraries with a floral arrangement each month.

Rybicki said, "These people were nice enough to give the sundial to the library.

I feel we should have someone look at it.

I will not vote to throw it out."

Kelly Lockhart, president of Naperville Garden Club said, "I think new is wonderful.

However, if something is worth keeping, let's keep it if we can."

Naperville library director Donna Dziedzic said the sundial could be damaged if it is moved.

The library staff contacted the original manufacturers of the sundial and is in the process of gathering information on the most effective way to repair the sundial.

Wright described a bad experience that occurred with another one of its donation.

She said years ago, the Garden Clubs donated a fountain to City Hall which someone later found in a closet.

Already slated with its projects for the year, Brand Bobosky of the Century Walk committee said additional money could be found for this project.

He estimated the cost of the project to be between $5,000 and $7,000.

The artwork, which could measure about six to eight feet tall, would not be an actual depiction of the Century Walk sundial logo, but would replicate it in some manner.

If the library agrees to the Century Walk proposal, it would be the first public body to donate space, according to Bobosky.

Three works of art are already on the property around Nichols Library.

Many are familiar with the sculptures of three children reading books and a bronze inlay of a map of Naperville.

The other piece of artwork is a brick mural which is located on the northeast corner of the Nichols Library parking lot and is directly behind the potential site for the Century Walk starting point.



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