The Century Walk Corporation


May 16, 1997 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL) — Author: Karri E. Christiansen

A local landscape architect has been chosen to head this year's team of artists who will take Naperville's Century Walk into its second phase.

Michael Trippiedi, of the Naperville-based Trippiedi Designs, was chosen to be the Century Walk administrator.

He will oversee the three new objets d'art that will become part of the Century Walk, a trail of public artworks through downtown Naperville.

"Our mission is to bring art to the streets of Naperville," Trippiedi said.

This is the second year of the Century Walk. Last year, a mosaic depicting the Naperville Municipal Band was unveiled on the west side of the Firstar Bank building, at the corner of Washington Street and Jefferson Avenue, a mural showing the power of print was painted on the west side of the Naperville Sun building, 9 W. Jackson Ave., and two mosaic benches depicting life along the DuPage River were constructed on Jackson Avenue, near the old City Hall building.

Because of nasty weather, only one of the benches was completed last year. Trippiedi said the second bench will be completed by September of this year, as will the three new projects.

This year's projects again will include a mural, a mosaic and a sculpture, Trippiedi said, though neither the design for the projects nor their location has been determined yet.

Century Walk officials earlier this year said possible locations for this year's projects could include the Nichols Library, Anderson's Bookshop, the old Fiddler's building, the Jefferson Hill Shops, the Central Parking Facility or the Dwight Yackley property on South Washington Street.

Wherever the artworks are displayed, Trippiedi said he is sure they will stand the test of time.

All the artists chosen to work on this year's projects have experience with outdoor art, he said.

Artists working on this year's projects include Kathleen Farrell and Kathleen Scarboro, who will be doing the mosaic.

Both Farrell and Scarboro are from Joliet.

Farrell was the Century Walk administrator last year.

Jack Holme, of Darien, was chosen to create this year's sculpture, while the Chicago-based team of Hector Duarte and Mariah deForest have been commissioned to paint a mural.

"They all seem to have quite a diverse background of education.

Some even have studied abroad," Trippiedi said.

"All of their work seems to be very good quality artwork.

I can't say enough about all of them."

The only constraint the artists must adhere to is that their projects are to depict 20th century life in Naperville.

"Other than that, there are no constraints," Trippiedi said.

"They can depict people, places and history and events.

We don't want to limit the artists.

There's plenty of events and things that have happened."


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