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Promenade renovations expands Hugo’s outdoor eating area

April 26, 2011 — Source: The Sun — Author: David Sharos

If the Main Street Promenade in downtown Naperville seems a little different the next time you visit the area, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. An upgrade, which started at the tail end of March, is almost complete.

“Even though the property was built in 2003, we felt it was time for a face-lift as well as an enhancement of the outdoor dining experience,” said Dwight Yackley, president of BBM Inc., which both owns and manages the property. “People from Hugo’s Frog Bar started talking to us about expanding the outdoor eating area and doubling the seating from 10 or 12 to 25 tables, and things just kind of went from there.”

Yackley said Hugo’s banquet room lies opposite the patio, and as business has continued to grow, owners of the restaurant began discussing possible changes to the patio area about a year ago.

Other planned enhancements include the addition of an ivy-covered curved wall between the dining area and the alley, which will act as a natural buffer, and also the moving and redesigning of the Symbiotic Sojourn sculpture, which has been a focal point of the Promenade since its inception.

Original artist Jeff Adams, who works from Mount Morris, said the original statue, which was made out of bronze, will need to be converted from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional object.

“I’d say we’re adding about 20 percent to the original design, and when I first drew it up, it was a three-dimensional statue,” Adams said. “The piece was placed against a wall when it was initially installed at the Promenade, and because of that, there was a flat side. ... I’ve never actually done this kind of ‘redesign’ work before, but I think everything will go fine.”

Adams has another piece of sculpture on display for the city, which can be found along the Century Walk.

The newly configured statue will be moved about 20 feet closer to the outdoor diners, and the renovated patio area will be enhanced with potted plants, landscaping and other features. The renovated patio area was designed by Lombard architect Randy Pruyn, and Sequoia General Contracting of Aurora has been doing the construction work.

Yackley said the cost of the project is about $200,000 and it is on schedule to be completed by May 15.

“We haven’t had any construction issues or delays, and the project is proceeding on time,” he said. “Beyond the extra dining space, this renovation will allow us to do more special events at the Main Street Promenade, from the Halloween celebration and Christmas tree lighting, to the choral groups and all the other holiday events have been very successful and popular.”