The Century Walk Corporation

Symbiotic Sojourn returns to Naperville

August 11, 2011 — Source: Daily Herald — Author: Justin Kmitch

Mother Earth took a brief vacation from Naperville this summer in Mt. Morris. She returned Thursday, refreshed and poised to take her new spot behind Hugo’s Frog Bar in the Main Street Promenade.

Sculptor Jeff Adams removed his 2,000-pound Century Walk sculpture, Symbiotic Sojourn, in May, from the area behind the downtown restaurant. He brought it back to his InBronze Foundry in Mount Morris to add a backing and retrofit the piece to be more suitable as a focal point on Hugos’ newly expanded patio.

“Everything went very well. I sculpted a back side to (the sculpture) and welded it to the existing and made colors and patina match,” Adams said Thursday. “I’ve never retrofitted a sculpture for a new site before, so I think it went really well.”

The modified sculpture has been moved about 20 feet closer to the retail buildings and restaurant and has been placed in front of a decorative privacy wall.

It features Mother Earth.