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NCTV17 program focuses on career of Dick Locher

August 17, 2011 — Source: Naperville Sun

The Century Walk’s 9-foot statue of Dick Tracy found on the Riverwalk stands tall, but not nearly as high as the career of the man behind the famous character — Dick Locher.

You can learn all about the talented cartoonist by watching the premiere of the latest edition of NCTV17’s documentary series, “Naperville Recollections: Dick Locher.” Led by executive producer Liz Spencer, producer Elitsa Bizios and partially funded by a grant from the city of Naperville, the documentary chronicles the storied career of Naperville’s famed cartoonist.

Locher’s career began as a child when his father encouraged him to draw. It included more than four decades of political cartoons for the Chicago Tribune. One of them earned Locher a Pulitzer Prize; tune in to see which one received the coveted honor. Many know Locher as the cartoonist for the popular Dick Tracy character. The documentary reveals how he came to be the editorial cartoonist for the character in 1953. Viewers will see Locher at work, hear where he gets his ideas and meet Mary, his wife of more than 50 years.

Naperville Recollections features people, places and events of historical significance in our community. Dick Locher and his illustrious career are notable for numerous reasons and definitely deserve to be preserved in documentary art form. Watch Naperville Recollections: Dick Locher, and next time you walk by the statue, we’re betting its meaning will soar to new heights.

Nancy Wiersum is the community development director at Naperville Community Television, Channel 17.