The Century Walk Corporation

Pay attention when you’re out and about in downtown Naperville

June 8, 2012 — Source: Positively Naperville — Author: PN Editor

OK.  Times they are a-changin’.

Whether you arrived in Naperville 94 years ago or yesterday, tomorrow many things will be different.  So follow the advice of America’s favorite crime stopper and always pay attention and be prepared.

For instance, local artists are creating the Century Walk mural along Rubins Way, “Naperville Loves a Parade,” an outdoor work of art started in early spring 2011.  Artists are painting changes on the exterior wall space with new portraitures and landmarks every day.

When PN columnist Ed Channell was at the mural recently, checking out the scaffolding and demonstrating to the artists how his wife’s plant  dollies could help move it, he said some folks have suggested a contest to see who can identify the most spectators featured in the crowd scene. Time will tell. Right, Dick Tracy?

In the meantime, several new additions of familiar faces have been added to the mural this past week. Do you recognize them?

Hint:  A middle school in District 204 is named after the former superintendent pictured in one of the faces.  A newspaper publisher is depicted in another portraiture representing suburban Chicago’s largest daily newspaper.  Four men who started a Naperville accounting firm in 1974 are featured, too.

According to lead artist Dodie Mondero, plenty of room is available for any person, any animal or any business that wants to be included “Naperville Loves a Parade.” For more information, call Mondero at (630) 290-2429.

The next time you’re in downtown Naperville, be sure to venture along Main Street, hang a turn west in the alley known as Rubins Way,  across the street from Heaven on Seven and Dean’s Clothing. Then have some fun with the mural.  Dozens of visitors have paused to pose for photos standing in front of the likenesses to create special Norman Rockwell-type keepsakes.

Enjoy “Naperville Loves a Parade.”  Note that many neighborhoods host Independence Day Parades on the 4th of July.  Naperville’s next all-community parade will be held on Labor Day during the Jaycees Last Fling.