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LAUGHING LINCOLN JUBILEE - Celebrating Abe Lincoln in 1839 and all 30-year-olds

September 30, 2018 — Source: Mary Lou Wehrli — Author: Mary Lou Wehrli

Laughing Lincoln Jubilee comes to Naperville’s Central Park on Sunday, September 30th from 1-5pm. Century Walk will dedicate a cornerstone representing the first DuPage County Court House. The event is a fundraiser to support Don Wehrli’s vision to place a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Central Park.

A 19th-century county fair atmosphere will present food, beer & wine, experiences, entertainment, mystery and music. Concert seating and the playground are free. A $10 admission is charged for the Central Lawn, $5 under 21. Rain or Shine. Tickets, details or to donate at www.CenturyWalk.org.

The year is 1839. Abraham Lincoln is 30-years old. He’s a storyteller. He’s funny. He and our nation have no way of knowing his future. The Jubilee is dedicated to 30-year olds everywhere. They are similarly poised and proven contributors to family, faith, prosperity, community and fun. You are invited to join this unique celebration at the Laughing Lincoln Jubilee.

The year is 1839. Abraham Lincoln is serving in the Illinois General Assembly with Joe Naper, founder of Naperville. Each man wants to accomplish a major political change and swap votes to do it. Abe wants to move the state capitol from Vandalia to Springfield. Done! Joe wants to carve DuPage County out of Cook County. Victory!

The cornerstone to be dedicated on September 30th represents the first DuPage County Court House that was located in today’s Central Park. Morris Sleight donated the land and when the county seat was moved to Wheaton the county donated the land, 3.8-acres, for use as a public park to the people of Naperville. 

Don Wehrli grew up in the original Pre-Emption House located where Sullivan’s now stands. Walking through Central Park to and from Saints Peter & Paul School twice every school day (students walked home for lunch) made the space special. He was a lifelong champion to maintain that original size of the park some of which is now cleverly disguised as parking.

On December 2nd a life-size statue of Laughing Lincoln seated upon the cornerstone will be dedicated during Century Walk’s Illinois Bicentennial Birthday Bash.

The Century Walk, founded in 1996, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing public art to Naperville, to add beauty to the town, build community and bridge generations by paying tribute to Naperville's almost 200-years of history through a diverse collection of murals, mosaics, sculptures and more. The mission of Century Walk Corporation is to create culturally significant and diverse public art throughout Naperville.

For Laughing Lincoln Jubilee information contact Mary Lou Wehrli at 630-420-2282 or visit www.LaughingLincoln.com . For Century Walk Corporation information contact Brand Bobosky at 630-355-5553 or visit www.CenturyWalk.org 


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