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Naperville Century Walk Corporation Spotlight on NCTV

October 3, 2018 — Source: NCTV — Author: Host Jane Wernette

The Naperville Century Walk Corporation was spotlighted on NCTV 17 recently.  View the video here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/291729026


In 1996, Century Walk began as a public art initiative. Over the years, murals, mosaics, reliefs, mobiles, and sculptures have been created and today there are 50 pieces of public art now on display throughout Naperville. This public art is designed to add beauty to the town, build community and bridge generations by paying tribute to over 200 years of Naperville history. It’s art…with a story!

The first 30 pieces represent the history of Naperville during the twentieth century through people, places and events. Several of the more recent pieces were not limited to historical themes as they expand the body of artwork throughout Naperville.

What makes the Century Walk stand out among public art projects is that the art work embraces the community which it represents, and the community which it represents becomes involved in the pieces of art themselves. For example, the faces of 56 residents can be seen in the crowd of The Great Concerto at the Community Concert Center in Central Park.

One of the latest projects Century Walk has been involved with is Laughing Lincoln which depicts a statue of a young Abraham Lincoln and will be located near the northeast corner of Central Park, in between the Blackhawk Memorial and the playground. This sculpture will be unveiled on December 2nd, just in time for Illinois’ Bicentennial celebration the next day.

For more information about Century Walk and to check out all of their pieces of public art, visit: https://www.centurywalk.org/index.cfm

Spotlight Guests:

Christine Bloom, Board Member
Caroline Senatar, Board Member


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