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Familiar faces; Likenesses of city residents soon to emerge in mural on doors of concert center

August 27, 2004 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL) — Author: Colt Foutz

The images emerging on the doors of the city's Community Concert Center are not on the order of, say, Mother Theresa in a bun or Elvis on a moldy refrigerator door.

But Napervillians take note: in the next several weeks there will be more and more faces -- some very familiar -- peering out as the formerly broad green expanse is filled in.

And not everyone whose likeness will adorn the landmark in Central Park knows what they're in for.

"Some are surprises," said Brand Bobosky, president of Century Walk Corp., which has commissioned the artwork.

Century Walk is selling a spot on the wall to any resident or group willing to put up $1,000 per face, and so far, 25 likenesses have been reserved, Bobosky said.

Work began on the mural only recently, he said, following a lengthy process to secure the necessary permits and legal coverage. But Colorado artist Barton Gunderson was up in the air working on the mural Thursday morning, sheltered from the rain by an umbrella.

Among the faces you'll see emerging: Elmer Koerner, director of the Naperville Municipal Band from 1930 to 1965; and band member and announcer Ann Lord. Current band director Ron Keller will be featured, Bobosky said, along with his father, Adam Keller, who played horn and percussion in the band for more than five decades.

First National Bank is buying space for the city's four living mayors, Bobosky said. That would be George Pradel, Sam Macrane, Peg Price and Chester Rybicki.

And a group of parents have pooled their money together to honor a late crossing guard and former police officer who kept their kids safe, Bobosky said.

There's even room for inanimate objects -- the mural will feature the four incarnations of band shells where music has reverberated for nearly 150 years.

Those who still want to be included in the mural have time. Century Walk is still accepting reservations for the remaining 25 faces, and the price is still $1,000 each. Work on individual likenesses will likely begin in September, he said. Call (630) 355-5553.

Contact staff writer Colt Foutz at cfoutz@scn1.com or (630) 416-5196.

While taking a break from painting, artist Barton Gunderson lowers a crane with an umbrella he was using Thursday to work on a new mural on the Community Concert Center's 30-foot-by-75-foot metal door. Some Naperville residents will have their faces included in the painting after paying $1,000 toward the cost of the project, which was commissioned by Century Walk Corp.


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