The Century Walk Corporation

Doughboy should be called a sculpture

May 15, 2003 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL)

This is in reference to your Friday, May 9, issue referring to the American Doughboy, written by Meg Dedolph, including headlines, photo captions and a story. Our Doughboy was referred to as a statue. Our American Doughboy was designed and sculpted by artist E.M. Viquesney of Indiana, who sculpted many Doughboys in the United States.

Therefore, I request that in future articles with reference to our American Doughboy, please refer to him as a sculpture.

After I saw him on a cold, snowing February night in 2001, I was saddened by his condition. I contacted S.O.S., or Save Our Sculptures, in Washington, D.C. They informed me as to how to proceed with grants, etc.

I approached fellow members of Century Walk and was given the word to go ahead to fund the project as part of their public arts program. Century Walk contributed the first donation of $17,000 for this sculpture.

A committee was formed, with me representing Century Walk, and representatives from the Naperville Park District, the VFW and the American Legion. We met monthly trying projects of awareness and funding. After participating in two parades, setting out donation bottles and buckets and trying other means, we have reached our goal. Many in-kind services have been donated by local businesses.

My quest in restoring our Doughboy to his rightful splendor is due to the Naperville community, who believes, as I do, that the American Doughboy sculpture belongs to all of us. I trust they will see fruits of their efforts at 3:30 p.m. May 25 at our rededication.

Dee Pasternak Naperville


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