The Century Walk Corporation


July 4, 1999 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL)

Genevieve Towsley would enjoy where she's sitting!  I feel I can speak for her since I am her niece; she married into my family before I was born. Genevieve had three daughters and she told everyone I was her fourth.

We had a special, close relationship

Joni Hirsch Blackman's article in last Sunday's edition expressed her opinion that the Towsley statue belonged in a more "fitting" location.  First, I want to thank the journalist for bringing awareness to the life and contribution not only of this exemplary woman but also of the extraordinary accomplishments of the Century Walk Board, chaired by Brand Bobosky.

Joni Hirsch Blackman admits to never having met Genevieve nor having read any of her writings.

When she begins reading, she will soon realize that Genevieve was a remarkable woman who found the future and subsequent change exciting.

Genevieve would have thanked Dwight Yackley for planning his beautiful new building entrance to hold the bench where she reposes, ready to interview passers-by.

Genevieve would have been comfortable sitting in front of Anderson's Bookshop, Nichols Library or Naperville Settlement.

She would have been comfortable anywhere in her beloved city.

Why fuss the spot?

Rita Harvard  Naperville


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